miso soup
soybean soup with scallions, seaweed & tofu.

edamamelightly salted boiled green soybeans

shumaishrimp dumpling served steamed or deep fried

hirame usuzukuri*
fluke sliced paper thin served with ponzu sauce.

kobe beef tataki*
5 thin slices of lightly seared organically grown beef that is served with daikon, garlic, onions, and a flavorful ponzu based sauce.

tuna tartar*
diced raw tuna severed in a crispy srping roll skin and seasoned with a light balsamic dressing.

miruhimo karashiae*
fresh giant clam with mustard sauce.

sunomono*assorted seafood marinated in a light vinaigrette

tuna tataki*seared tuna with nuta sauce, a white miso and sesame based sauce.

sake kinutamaki with nuta*sake, avocado, cucumber, scallions, and tobiko wrapped in daikon.

maguro summer roll*
raw tuna rolled with mango, cucumber, and lettuce then wrapped in a rice paper served with a spicy Korean chojang sauce.$12

unagi tempura
freshwater eel served tempura style.$10

chutoro carpaccio*
5 thin slices of chutoro seasoned with sesame-soy dressing and chives.

lobster tempura
fresh maine lobster claws and tail served tempura style.

soft-shell crab

soft-shell crab served tempura style with ponzu sauce.

hiramasa with yuzu dressing*
baby yellowtail served with a citrus based japanese sauce.

tako with ume dressing
octopus served atop asparagus with a plum dressing.

sashimi appetizer*
assorted pieces of tuna, salmon, whitefish, and ika.

maguro yamakake*
diced tuna served with a yam potato puree and spicy cod roe.

tempuraassortment of shrimp and vegetables

vegetable tempura
assortment of vegetables served tempura style.

* served raw or undercooked; consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry,
seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness