light bodied sake

ozeki dry
simple. fresh. dry clean finish.

shoin ginjyo
soft. round. easy drink.
hints of muscat raisins.

yamada nishiki
one of the best sake rices.
very enticing, aromatic sake.

outouka namazake
fresh cherry aroma. white peach taste.

gold medal winner. dry. light.
packed with flavor.

ai san san
lively flavors of sweet grain.

kaori ginjyo
hints of banana and raisins.

tenkyu daiginjyo
hints of fruit. a touch peppery.
very concentrated flavors.

minowamon daiginjyo
polished. powerful expression.
notes of cocoa and cherry.

medium bodied sake

momokawa ginjo
very crisp.
light fruit flavors.

michinoku kanjikomi
flavorful sake from oranic rice.
mineral-accented by its own spring source.

madoka genshu
flavors of grain.
hints of spice.

rika suimei ginjyo
very rich. hints of caramel.
lingering finish.

itten yamahai
from a 250 yr old brewery.
wonderful dry finish.

hakushika ginjyo
very popular.soft.
perfectly blended.

horin daiginjyo
fruity.pleasant taste.
produced by cold fermentation.

all the sakes we offer are highly polished and, unless noted, are not intended for warming